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What TAXES will go to Hospitals if people Stop Smoking ?

Stop Smoking and Switch to the NEW Healthier Vaping

What TAXES will go to Hospitals if people Stop Smoking ?
It has been 3 months since I stopped smoking tobacco cigarettes.
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I started and still have two starter kits:
1 = Tornado V3 (with 2 spare Atomizers / wicks)
2 = Tornado mini RCS (bottom coil)
I prefer the RCS design, and that is why on my third month I decided to upgrade to a Kangertech Protank 3, and to go with it a Variable Voltage battery with LED indicators.
kangertech-protank3Kangertech Kanger Protank 3 Dual coil atomizer has a bottom coil and glass tank same as the Protank II but with the introduction of a DUAL coil atomizer head!

The Executive Style EGO 1100mAh Variable Voltage battery allows you to take full control of the output power of the unit by selecting the voltage that is right for you, simply click five times to cycle through the three power ratings that are available
(3.2v–3.7v — 4.2v).
Each voltage output has its own coloured band that lights up so it is easy to know what voltage you are currently using see below for details.

• RED is the low setting 3.2v
• PURPLE is the medium setting 3.7v
• BLUE is the high setting 4.2v

The higher the output the quicker the battery will drain,
The EGO battery comes with a five bar battery life indicator so you can tell exactly when you are going to need to recharge


If We knew back then when TAX started, that a Person is not Human

As we all NOW know that a human is not a legal person. If we knew back in 17th century medieval times to non-comply , would there have been TAX  by monarchs .
And how much control do we have over how they are used!  the Petition of Right which among other measures, prohibited the use of taxes without the agreement of Parliament,  But it does mention with agreement of persons/citizens.

it was abolished by Henry Addington during the Peace of Amiens. Addington had taken over as prime minister in 1801, after Pitt’s resignation over Catholic Emancipation. The income tax was reintroduced by Addington in 1803 when hostilities recommenced, but it was again abolished in 1816, one year after the Battle of Waterloo. The United Kingdom income tax was reintroduced by Sir Robert Peel in the Income Tax Act 1842.

And Yet NOW it has been discovered that the UK Monarch is not Rightful

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