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Watford Police Sergeant Cooper assaulted man and delete video footage. IPPC upheld complaints

Misconduct by Police Sergeant put man in Hospital

in 2010 ACPO correspondence letter requesting police not to prevent anyone from taking photographs.
Yet in 2012 Sergeant Cooper did exactly the opposite and even stole the phone and deleted video.
And Watford Pub Owner Pamela Rice helped him get away with it.
And even told the victim “the police were within theie rights” and denied him rights of access to CCTV footage.
But it appears she knew the truth and was only concerned with not this not being reported as every incident affects her license.

The IPCC upheld after an appeal, 2 of the 3 complaints against Police Sergeant Cooper for inappropriate force.
1. deleting the video without court order – upheld

2. Inappropriate Force used to grab my mobile phone, since he had no right.
– upheld

Here I will also report how the Horns Public House, even when given notice weeks in advance, did not make a copy of the CCTV evidence, yet let it get overwritten, a couple of days after police had spoken with them. I feel even more of a cover up and destroying of evidence!! The pubs owner did not want the pub to have this incident reported happening near the pub as it would affect its rating , and the pubs owner showed no empathy or care about the victim.
The Horns Public House owner had weeks of advanced notice, yet let CCTV of assault on customer a friend of the family get overwritten !!! Yet this is awful and expect it to be hushed up. Yet they are quiet happy to dish out the law and use security to protect themselves, but did not look after clients and get nasty when its the other way around. as there was no money in it for them, just worry of having there pub labeled with an incident. An injustice of the system, a human rights violation.

pam-cctv-emailI believe that Pamela Rice breached Data protection by not following proper procedure to allow a member of the public who was in the footage to rightfully be allowed access pending a FEE.

The police reviewed CCTV 4 weeks later and asked for a copy. Yet when she got around to, it had been overwriten (so she says)

injured man in despair as his the Human Rights have been violated after an unlawful stop and search with “no evidence” got him assaulted by police and suffered whip lash and other injuries. Regularly withdrawn into depression and feeling suicidal.

Two Police Officers, one a Sergeant have now had formal disciplines for misconduct using unlawful force on me to trespass my private property. So this shows that professionals, unlike Owain and Pamela Rice who where just trying anything to stop the name of there pub license being affected, and not caring about one of there regulars.

man-victim-unlawfully-and-injured-by-policeThe hospital doctors diagnosed whiplash, with no suggestion from the injured man. Just the pain and considerable discomfort he suffered for weeks. He recorded all his telephone calls and interviews which are in the video below.

The man suffered personal whip lash and other injury , losses from theft of property, travel expenses , pain and suffering. Yet there comment was he should have been telling his doctor every week is something he was never informed of by either the hospital, or police inspector, or the IPCC. and it has left him more depressed and suicidal than ever. ” I am going down yet another dark slope :(”

ipcc-police-complaint-upheldWayne has yet to receive any Criminal injuries compensation for that he has suffered.
Just after midnight Saturday night / Sunday morning 26th August 2012. “I spotted the street angels, of which my cousin is a member and another I knew from the church. They where trying to deal with a female who was of concern to them, and they thrust her backwards to a wall. Because of this I took an interest in the goings on.”

A few minutes later the Police arrived in their vehicle(s) to help, two officers came over to the girl and the street angels. “I noticed one member of the street angles had backed away from the situation. I was standing next to the entrance gate of the Horns Pub garden”.

“I noticed the girls arms being twisted as the police Sergeant held onto her. I believed this could be possibly heavy handedness by the police officer and thus decided to video the event in case things got worse”. The story continues with the Sergeant assaulting the bystander and trespassing his goods by force in order to delete the video evidence.

An officer can only delete photos or video with a court order. They did not have permission or warrant from the court.
A Police Sergeant should of known that, and believe he over stepped his powers.

This video does not include the secret recording of the Inspector, who tried to dissuade the victim reporting from bringing charges.

“story moved as since it appeared on a new website which the domain had my address, my car was attacked (over £2000 in damge by malicious attacks) twice in once week” so i moved it here